International Book Day

April 23, is the international day of the book. Because he is a companion to many, he is also treated in many ways … The book is a tool that sometimes seems human, because it is able to fulfill many of our needs … Sometimes it seems that only the book is able to understand us and offer the kind of company we need, even when silence becomes necessary.

It is not always easy to start a friendship with a book. Especially in their childhood, when they push them into our backpacks, and they tell us that we have to carry them on our fragile backs … At school, there is that barrage of information that does not always sound really interesting. It seems that they so much want us to live in the future that they sometimes forget to offer us what we really need while we are still children. Children want books that talk about the child’s world!

That way they spoil our relationship with the book. They make the book a relational torture tool. Most of the education system requires that the textbook addresses content that, in addition to being precocious, is in fact inappropriate. And when, for the sake of the profession, a teacher decides to do different, the school does not support him, in fact, the dismissal.

That is why it is difficult to start a friendship with books … Reading should not be something unpleasant! The good book must be recognized as a powerful weapon against ignorance, boredom, doubt, loneliness, crime, etc. The book is a precious asset! We know there are books that are powerful tools for educators.

May we, as of this day, understand that friendship with the book should begin as early as childhood. And this beginning should not be imposed, because friendship is an achievement that occurs subtly. That each one can contribute to make the book one of the best friends of the children, and not only games, movies, etc. And when they become adults, that relationship will continue – and our community will certainly be grateful.