Literature Review

The text revision is a service that can be compared to the stoning of a diamond. Even in its raw state, the diamond stands out among all the other objects around it. However, its brilliance is more easily recognized by the garimpeiro experts, who earn their living trying to find them in the most hostile places of nature.

Once a diamond gem is found, the prospector happily advances to his buyer, who in turn routes it to a gemologist who will certify the quality of the jewel. Until then, the diamond will have declared value only among those professionals involved.

Now, in order to increase the value and to arouse popular interest in such a gem, it is necessary to lapse it and transform it into a jewel, when it will carefully blend the authenticity of the diamond with the jewel design.

Likewise, when a writer plunges into the depths of his research and reflections, he is seeking the spark of inspiration for his literary work. When he finds this brightness, the writer rushes to his office and tries to reveal it through a laborious textual process.

After writing, your work is evaluated by a publisher and / or academic institution in order to assess its value. From there, the work goes to a textual reviewer, who will “lapidate” it, causing any concealed value to break out behind the impurities and natural irregularities of every literary gem.

The basis of the proofreading is not the grammar

As we know, in the revision of text will not only be seen the grammatical errors, but also the textual eloquence of the message. Carefully all paragraphs will be seen technically as bodies integral to a literary body.

The brilliance of a diamond’s brilliance will only be revealed after fully worked by the gemologist. In the same way, a literary work may be better appreciated if each message contained therein is reflecting free that same glow that occurred in the writer’s mind.

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During the revision of the text, we actually treat each literary work as a true diamond gem, ahead of us, ready to break that genuine glow that has taken place in the mind of its author.