Tips for writing good text

If the main function of writing is to convey a message, it must be imbued with all the elements that will inform the information. The reading will serve as the basis for the writer, in the data acquisition phase; these, in turn, need to be tailored to your target audience. An academic text, for example, must have a structured argument based on scientific literatures; already the text of a financial application manual needs a technical language. Both have a peculiar structure and vocabulary, because their audiences are different.

The use of words during the composition of a text is equivalent to ingredients in the hands of the cook. It is necessary to know how to handle them properly and in the right measure so that they can be appreciated. Therefore, beyond the knowledge of the subject, it is necessary a constant experimentation. The best recipe is the one that allows the lowest use of words with as much interesting information as possible.

To write a good text you must know the reader

Good text demands a good reading of the world. Understand the world, here, not only the specific subject of a text, but everything that is related to the interest of the reader. In other words, it is not only with words that the writer needs to know how to relate, but also with people related to that subject. It is in this relationship that he will discover the preferences, desires and problems faced by such a public.

The reader needs to find in his text information that really adds value. He wants to feel that you know his problem and that his argument convinces him. Only then will he “buy” his text. Therefore, to understand the thinking of the reader, the use of psychology is necessary. And the development of this psychology can only occur in a closer relationship.

When writing from the experience itself in the field of experiments, the text acquires a realistic characteristic, because in this way it is possible, during textual production, to feel the essence of the object in the skin itself, in the breath itself and in each beat of the heart. The experience brings this inspiration, and the inspiration brings the light on the subject.

Anyway, these were our tips for writing a good text. Writing well is having the ability to convey complete messages combined with the generosity of one’s own soul.